Novavax Plans for a Super Vaccine

Photo @schluditsch via Unsplash CC

Over the next few months, there’s a very good possibility that Novovax will overtake Pfizer and Moderna and become the COVID vaccine winner. Unlike the other two biotechs, Novovax is working on combining their flu vaccine candidate NanoFlu with their COVID-19 vaccine candidate NVC-CoV2373 to develop a two-for-one COVID-19/flu vaccine. 

For Novavax, two birds, one stone

As of right now, neither Pfizer nor Moderna have flu vaccines in development. Pfizer has collaborated with BioNTech for a flu vaccine, but it’s still in preclinical trials. Moderna plans to develop a vaccine as well, but they have yet to bring any candidate into clinical testing.

Novavax announced in October that they formed a team to focus on winning key regulatory approvals for their flu vaccine candidate NanoFlu. This team will also explore the possibilities for pairing NanoFlu with NVC-CoV2373 to form a two-for-one super vaccine.

Fierce competition

One of the larger hurdles that Novavax has to face is that Pfizer and Moderna have both reported fantastic results for their vaccine candidates. Earlier this month, Modern reported that their vaccine has efficacy rates of 94.5%. A week earlier, Pfizer had reported that their vaccine has efficacy of about 95%. 

Novavax still has yet to report any results from their vaccine candidate. They expect to report results in early 2021 from a late-stage study that was conducted in the UK. Their U.S. late-stage study won’t be released until a couple months later. 

However, Novavax has landed deals with the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia, to provide at least 276 million doses.

Our Take:

If Novavax’s vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373, achieves a solid safety profile and high efficacy rates, Novovax will, without a doubt, move higher.